Collection: WING | Hybrid Golf Towels with Waffle & Shammy

Introducing the WING Collection, the ultimate duo in golf towels that combine the power of a waffle and the shine of a shammy (chamois) to provide a unique scrub and shine experience. The WING XL golf towel is the perfect size for over-the-shoulder carry and on-the-golf-bag usage, while the ORIGINAL WING golf towel is the smaller, yet still mighty, version of the XL. The microfiber waffle side offers the perfect scrub surface for your clubs and balls, while the shammy (chamois) side shines them to perfection. With a stitched slotted hole in the center and quality stitching on the edges, these towels look great on your golf bag while maximizing their usable surface. And, like all Visualize products, a piece of every purchase goes straight to the Owls! If you're not satisfied, don't worry, the WING Collection has a 30-day return and refund policy. Get ready to elevate your golf game with the WING Collection!